EluQuant C18(1) HPLC Columns

EluQuant C18 HPLC Columns

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EluQuant C18 (1) is for all round applications, perfect hydrophobic selectivity speeds up separations, eminent capability and reliability. EluQuant C18 (1) columns are prepared with ultra pure and optimal surface area silica. The silica surface area is 200m2/g. The column has reduced carbon load of about 13% and unique bonding technology to achieve excellent resolution, good peak symmetry and high performance.

The optimally modified column chemistry along with protective end capping gives the advantage of faster separations, better resolution and consistent results in an extended 1.5 to 10 pH range in reverse phase chromatography.

The column comes with protective end-capping for a better peak without tailing and high durability of column. Columns possess longer life and have ideal column-to-column reproducibility when compared to its competitors. EluQuant C18 (1) columns possess reduced hydrophobicity for attaining perfect hydrophobic selectivity and superior resolution. EluQuantC18 (1) column is perfect choice for all round applications in the analysis of acidic, basic and neutral compounds.

Technical Details

Silica type  :  Spherical
Silica Purity   :  99.999%
Carbon Load :  13%
Surface Area  :  200m2/gram
Pore Size   :  190 A
PH Range   :  1.5-10
Particle size :  3um, 3.5um, 5um and 10um

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
ID (mm)

2, 3, 4, 4.6

Column Length (mm)

100, 125, 150, 200, 250, 30, 300, 33, 50

Particle SIze (μm)

10, 5, 3